Matic Conradi

This is my story

about me

Who am I?

Hi! I'm Matic, 18, located in Slovenia. Since I was able to talk, I had a passion for technology. At that time I didn't have a computer, but I was fascinated by cars, trucks, and all sorts of machines in general. Even back then I had an idea of changing the world in some way. A computer gave me just that: an infinite sandbox where I could do whatever I wanted.

That's me.

The early days

I was 9, so, naturally, I’ve started with MS Paint. I've quickly overgrown it and moved to Adobe Photoshop. Photography wasn’t a thing of mine just yet, but I loved making abstract art.

When I turned 10, I decided to try and learn the basics of HTML and CSS. Not long after that, I made my first website. It was horrible, but a big step forward for me. My first website had been published soon after that. I came a long way since then.

My first website design.

My first website

Urku Portfolio

Not quite there yet

Two years have passed since my first bit of code hit the web, and I already knew a few things. Designing for the web isn't easy. Internet Explorer is not my friend. Steve Jobs changed the world (yes, I know, it's debatable).

I've always admired good design, but refreshing a website in dozen different browsers wasn't a thing I wanted to do. Instead, I focused on back-end development.

At the time I’ve also found a passion for photography, which led to new friendships and skills.

The big move

In 2016 I’ve already had a set of web apps, entirely written in PHP. The project I've been proudest of is called Gradeagle, which I am still proud of to this date. It was meant for students, to store their grades, and get feedback about their statistics. It took me months to do it. It worked very well, but it had one major flaw: a desktop-first design. A bad mobile experience was unacceptable since phone and tablet usage was rising.

A screenshot of Gradeagle.


The next logical step was to learn how to develop native apps. I had an iPhone 5 and an iMac, therefore, I decided to learn Swift. I could write some Java at the time. That helped, but it wasn't easy nonetheless.

Soon, I’ve released my very first app called Blink. I've learned a lot. My Java knowledge also improved, as well as some necessary design skills. Later on, I've open-sourced the project and is now available on GitHub.

A screenshot of Blink.


In the June 2017, I've released my second app, Helios, a magic hour calculator. It's a beautiful concept I've designed myself and turned into code. It combines the simplicity and ease of use with the power of mobile cameras and augmented reality. Since then, it has become arguably the best choice for amateur and professional photographers.

A screenshot of Helios.


Here I am, going through the unknown. It's been a wild roller-coaster ride till now, and I can’t imagine where I’ll be in a few years. And because no post like this one is perfect without a Steve Jobs' quote, here’s one.

“Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Steve Jobs